Bronze Birch Borer is decimating birch trees all over the Seattle area.

This epidemic is caused by a beetle that deposits eggs into the vascular tissues of the tree starting at the tops and tips of the tree and working its way down as the beetles multiply and continue feeding.

Healthy trees remained immune for some time, but now the populations of borers and the attacks from new beetles has been overwhelming to even the healthiest and well nourished trees.

Climate change has particularly affected the spread of the borer as drought stresses trees are very vulnerable to attack.

We spend a lot of time these days treating birch trees, removing their tops or removing whole trees. But treated early enough the trees could be saved.

Instead of a soil drench or using a neonicotinoid that has been linked to things such as autism and the collapse of bee colonies, we use a safer alternative.

We use an injection that goes right into the tree called TreeAge which is derived from a naturally occurring compound which interrupts one of the life cycles of the Borer and is relatively benign to other organisms.

This treatment can keep your trees safe for 2 years at a time.

If we catch the infestation soon enough, the dead parts can be removed and the injection can save the tree, or we can treat the tree before it is attacked.

Here are some pictures from a recent project in NE Seattle where we treated the trees and removed the dead and dying tops to below the infested portions.

Our crane and tracked lift work particularly well at removing the tops without damaging the canopies underneath.

If you need help with Bronze Birch Borer, give us a call for a free evaluation and quote at 206-498-7998