Vitalitree was called out to assess the damage to a row of 3 100′ tall western white pines after a big wind storm.

One of the main leaders of the southern most tree had broken off and crashed through 2 neighbors garages.

To make matters worse, they also broke the canopies off of the western side of the other 2 trees, leaving them exposed and very threatened to tortion failures threatening several houses.

We switched our schedule around to get these in before the next big storm as they were now unstable and hazardous.

We used our 26 ton crane with 103′ of main boom and our tracked lift with a working height of 90′ and a side reach of 55′ crammed into the neighbors driveway to take these down safely and efficiently.

These pieces of machinery combined with the skills of our workers made a 3 day job into a 1.5 day with greatly reduced risk to our workers and minimized impact to the surrounding area.

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