Seattle and Vashon Tree Preservation

Many trees can be saved and preserved with the right expertise and techniques.

We at Vitalitree can often time mitigate the risks associated with trees by using certain tools and techniques, such as:

  • Installing cables where there are weak crotch unions
  • Bracing and cabling where the union has started to fail but is still salvageable
  • Weight reduction cuts to lower risk of failure
  • Large reduction cuts to old trees with decay in them to keep them around longer safely
  • Fertilizing and micro-organism injections to help trees that are sick.

We specialize in promoting the continued health, beauty, and safety of trees that other arborists may just remove.

We believe in protecting our older trees and fostering a healthy community ecosystem through our trees.

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We’re always excited by the opportunity to preserve another old tree in the community. And can provide a more informed decision when the future of a tree is in question.

And by thinking ahead, we can make sure a beloved tree is preserved early before significant problems arise with expert evaluation and care.

Our unique combination of equipment also helps us to protect your trees by providing precision care safely where others cannot.

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