Seattle and Vashon Tree Removal Experts

We are highly skilled at removing trees.

Whether it is a small or large tree, out in the open, or hanging over multiple houses, we employ the best equipment and modern techniques to get your tree down safely and accurately.

But we also care deeply about providing options to save your tree if possible. Our Tree for Tree community planting program is also our commitment to keeping our city green and healthy, planting a tree in the city for every tree we need to remove.

The Equipment to Remove Tree Safely and Effectively

We have a very tall bucket truck to help when we can access your tree with it, and oftentimes we use the help of a crane if the tree is dead or is very large or to just minimize the impact on your yard as much as possible.

Oftentimes, however, there may be no access for equipment, and your tree needs to be climbed and taken down carefully piece by piece by a skilled climber.

All of our arborists have years of experience with close quarter removals and our crews are highly trained to minimize risk and damage to property.

We recognize that every tree is special and plays an important role in the environment.

Providing habitat to a multitude of birds, insects, mammals, and reptiles. Filtering our air and sequestering carbon. Even the emotional impact on our community when surrounded by the beauty and vitality of trees.

We strive to preserve as much of the urban forest as possible, and we only recommend tree removal when there are safety concerns or if the tree has just outgrown its space and is causing damage to its surrounding.

There are oftentimes alternatives to full removal of a tree and many risk-mitigating options that can be done. That includes cabling, bracing, reduction cuts, thinning cuts, etc. So we give you the option to potentially save trees that others would consider a loss.

All of our head arborists are certified tree risk assessors. They know if a tree really is in need of coming down or if there are alternative options that can keep it up safely.

When We Remove Trees, We Give Them New Use in the Community

When removal is necessary, we respect the valuable resource that the tree is as much as possible. We oftentimes use the wood to make furniture, bowls, or spoons.

If we can’t use the wood in this way, we will cut it into firewood, and if the customer does not want it, we give it away for free to ceremonial sweat lodges where it gets used in prayers, or we give it away to people in need for free heat for their homes in the winter.

If there is wood that cannot be used because it does not burn well or if just too rotten, we take it to be turned into compost. The branches we cut get chipped up and used as valuable mulch around the city in peoples gardens, in trails around the city, and by the city to build soil up in parks and reduce invasive species.

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