What Makes Vitalitree Different

At Vitalitree, we are committed to quality tree care and honest evaluations and recommendations. We value education and experience above production speed, which is why we require our arborists to maintain their certification through the International Society of Arboriculture.

Becoming certified with the ISA not only requires a base level of understanding about tree biology, proper pruning, safe low impact climbing techniques, and proper safety among other tree related matters, but it also requires a certain level of continuing education to maintain the certification, where we feel the real importance lies as we keep up to date with the latest science behind proper tree care.

Our crews always have at least 2 certified arborists and oftentimes 3 or more.

We pay for and encourage our arborists to take courses to keep their certifications and advance their knowledge.

When we do have to take trees down, we use the best equipment checked daily for strength and functionality, and employ the latest and safest techniques, starting with a proper evaluation of the tree and its health and ability to withstand the stresses of climbing, pruning, or removal.

We also use a crane for low impact removals when appropriate or our tracked lift when appropriate if the tree is accessible and unsafe to climb.

We are committed to keeping the urban forest healthy for future generations and offsetting the impact we have by planting at least one tree for every tree we cut down through community outreach programs with kids to help them learn about the benefits of trees and have a stronger sense of community involvement with urban canopy stewardship. Learn more in our tree planting page.

We keep quality high in our crews by maintaining a path forward for everyone in our company who has what it takes to advance. This means ground workers are always being encouraged to advance their knowledge and skills to go into climbing, climbers are always encouraged to learn more and get certified, and crew leads can eventually become co-owners in the business. This keeps everyone committed to staying with the company and ensuring its success with high quality work. So often in the tree care industry once a lead arborist gets good enough, there is nowhere left to go with a company and they start their own, leaving the company with a hole where they once had a good lead, and a struggling start for the lead who started their own company trying to navigate the ins and outs of running a company. We feel that we can grow and offer partial ownership and therefore keep our good lead climbers and provide them with an instant successful company they are invested in.

We approach our sales the way we like to be treated. We do not employ an army of door knockers trying to drum up business, or flyers or cold calls. Once we give you an estimate, we will not call you and pester you about accepting the bid and scheduling, we wait for you to contact us to say you want to move forward.

We mostly rely on online reviews and referrals which keeps our commitment to doing quality work extremely high. Our highest goal is to give honest advice that will keep your trees vital and healthy while meeting your goals or doing a good job on removing trees. We do not use scare tactics to sell work and are more than happy to tell you that your trees are healthy and safe and need no work if that’s what we see. We see a lot of work done that is not only unnecessary but harmful to the trees, and we are committed to doing what is right and being honest. There should always be a reason for pruning as it is taking away some of the food source of the tree and causing wounds, and we take all of our recommendations seriously.

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