Seattle and Vashon Emergency Storm Tree Work and Removal

When storms damage trees, we can help right away.

We reschedule our normal jobs to get you the help you need. We have a lot of experience removing fallen trees on houses or other targets.

We can also give you honest advice on if your tree is still viable if it had some major parts break in it, and what can make it less hazardous and keep it together after such a large part of the canopy was lost.

We love to save these trees when possible, but we will also recommend removal if that is necessary.

More trees usually come down after a storm is hit because people get scared into thinking their trees are very dangerous and many tree services will try and convince you that you need to cut down your trees to keep your house safe just so they can make a lot of money, and they don’t necessarily have the education or training to know what they are talking about but can certainly pray upon fear.

All of our arborists that sell any work are ISA certified which keeps us very knowledgeable and up to date on tree risk and new research, and we also maintain our Tree Risk Assessment certification to be able to better judge a tree’s risk using proven methods.

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