Our "Tree for Tree" Community Tree Planting Program

At Vitalitree, we are alarmed by the number of trees coming down in the Seattle area, and we know that we are a contributor to that.

We started a program to help counteract our impact by planting trees in our area, and we thought what better way to do this than with kids.

We work with a few different organizations to bring kids outside to plant trees. First, we start with a small outdoor class session where we discuss the benefits of trees and try and relate their strengths with the kids, and teach a little about basic tree biology and the greater urban canopy ecosystem, and then we plant as many trees as we can in the spaces, then cap it off with a closing circle where we talk about the impact our planting had and the opportunity for them to come back and see the trees grow as they do, and try and instill a greater sense of stewardship for trees and the urban canopy.

We are the first tree service we know of doing this kind of program, and we are very proud of the impact it has.

If you know of any large areas that need to be replanted in the Seattle area, we are always on the lookout for planting sites so please let us know. The planting would be fully funded by Vitalitree LLC.

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