Seattle and Vashon Tree Planting

We love planting trees and we can help you decide what the best tree for your yard and specific space is.

Our certified arborists and risk mitigation specialists can advise you on the best tree options for the space, provide advice on the care of that tree and surrounding area, and alert you to potential hazards that tree or location may introduce in the future.

And as we are not a nursery, we have an unbiased view of what to plant and what the future consequences may be.

We can pick up the tree at the nursery and plant it in the spot in the best possible method to help ensure its success.

Here at Vitalitree, we specialize in a holistic approach to tree care and fostering the greater ecosystem, and do everything we can to encourage tree planting, including community planting programs with kids to offset the trees we need to remove.

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